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I have chosen my favorite patterns to sell in this shop. Some are regional favorites, such as the Usual, Ausable Wulff, Ausable Bomber, and the Haystack series; these patterns were designed by the great Francis Betters in Wilmington, New York. They are simple patterns that imitate a wide range of insect life, enticing more trout on the West Branch of the Ausable River than any other dry flies.  I am proud to sell flies tied by anglers. Not a single fly has been made in a "fly factory" overseas. I am more than happy to tie custom orders; if you want something hard to find or unique, just send an email to john@ruffwatersflyfishing.com

P.O. Box 755 Keene Valley, New York 12943             +1.5185243732          john@ruffwatersflyfishing.com